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Paso Robles, CA, USA

Paso Robles, CA, USA

Day 337 - 343

We enjoy escaping to the central coast of California for a little rest, relaxation and lots of wine tasting. Paso Robles is a gem and one of our favorite wine regions to explore.

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Things To Do & See

1) Wine Tasting

The central coast of California is full of fantastic wineries. Unlike other areas of California, wine tasting is still reasonable in this region. Here are some of the wineries we tried during our stay.

A) J. Lohr
B) Adelaida
C) Halter Ranch

Halter Ranch was a pleasant surprise. We enjoyed nearly every wine they poured, so much so, that we nearly joined their wine club! We did elect to ship a few bottles home to enjoy with family and friends. We’ll definitely visit the tasting room on our next trip to Paso Robles. Some of our favorites were: 2013 Cotes de Paso Blanc, 2011 Cotes d Paso, 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2011 Ancestor Estate Reserve.

D) Tablas Creek

This winery came as a recommendation from a Conde Nast article about a wine route in the central coast. The new and modern tasting room serves up five Provence-style wines and is located near some of the best wineries in the area. We thought the wines were fair. However, we would choose to bypass in favor of a few other wineries.

E) Opolo
F) Sculpterra
G) Tobin James

The only rule of this large tasting room located east of town is to “have fun.” The tastings are free and many of the wines available are priced modestly. We definitely will not make a second visit to the tasting room. However, if you are looking for a feel good, fun atmosphere that can handle large groups with fair wine, than this might be your place. In our opinion, the best of the wines we sampled were the Zinfandels (2011 Fatboy & 2011 Ballistic).

H) Hearst Ranch

Located directly across from the Hearst Castle, the tasting room is located in the San Simeon General Store. There was not a single wine that we tasted that we could recommend. We would recommend NOT wasting your time or money in this busy, tourist filled, tasting room.

2) Hearst Castle

3) Breweries

Restaurant Recommendations

The Paso Robles area is full of fantastic fine dining establishments. Here are a couple of restaurants we discovered during our stay that we would definitely recommend to those visiting the area.

1) McPhee’s Grill

Located on the Main Street of nearby Templeton, McPhee’s was within walking distance of our accommodation. We enjoyed a bottle of house (red) wine, a swordfish enchalata, a BBQ chicken pizza, and a blueberry cobbler for dessert. The meal was great, however, the cobbler was a bit tart. Restaurant is worth a visit.

2) Joe’s Place

This busy breakfast joint has a location in both Paso Robles and Templeton. Again the Templeton location was within walking distance of our accommodation. After a short wait, we had a big, filling and hearty brunch. Only open until 2pm, Joe’s is a good breakfast spot.


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