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Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Day 57 - 59

Things to See & Do

1) Guinness Storehouse

A visit to Dublin is not complete without a trip to the Guinness Storehouse. A self guided tour starts at the base of the seven story pint glass. Visit floor four to learn how to pour the perfect Guinness. Alternatively, visit floor seven for a 365 degree view over the city.

2) Guinness Connoisseur Experience

For the devout fan of Guinness, take the opportunity to do the Guinness Connoisseur Experience. Offered three times daily, for a maximum of 16 guests per sitting. This experience takes place in a special Guinness bar on the 4th floor, where you will spend just over an hour learning more about the history of Guinness, tasting four different Guinness beers, and pouring your perfect pint. (Note: Each person must pay the general entrance fee plus the additional cost for the connoisseur experience.) We were lucky enough to be the only two on our connoisseur experience.

3) St Patrick’s Cathedral

The largest cathedral in Dublin, St Patrick’s has been in existence since the fifth century. The current church was rebuilt in the early 13th century, and the spire was added in 1749. The entry fee to the cathedral is pricey. Free tours are offered at varied frequencies. A beautiful park is located adjacent to the building.

4) National Museum

Provides a comprehensive glimpse at pre-historic life in Ireland. A good way to pass some time on a rainy Dublin afternoon. Admission is free.

5) National Gallery

Art work from European and Irish artist. Entrance to the gallery is free. A good indoor activity when its raining in Dublin.

Dublin is home to a number of sites that offer free admission. The following site provides a sampling. Visit Dublin


1) The Porter House

Located on the edge of the Temple Bar district, this restaurant is also a microbrewery. Give one of their ten (or so) beers on tap a try, or opt for the taster, and try multiple. They are know for their stout beers, but also make some good ales and lagers.

2) Bar Pinto

A busy tapas bar located on the end of the Temple Bar district. A good location for a light meal.

3) Mama’s Revenge

Located directly across the street from Trinity College (near the museums) is this little burrito joint. A finite menu of burritos and quesadillas are available for take-away or sit down. Order at the counter and see the burrito made before you eyes. Be sure you have Euros available, as this is a cash only establishment. Our vote for best burrito in Dublin.

4) Boojum

A close mirror of the US based Chipotle restaurants, Boojum serves up large burritos that are assembeled in front of you. We found the chicken lack something, however, not a bad choice if your in the mode for quick Mexican food. This is a cash only establishment.

Lodging Options

1) Westin Dublin

Fantastic location in the heart of Dublin. Situated across the street from Trinity College and within a short walk from the Temple Bar district. It is everything you love about a Westin, including the heavenly bed and stylish room decor.

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