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Burnie, Tasmania, Australia

Burnie, Tasmania, Australia

Day 231 - 232

Located in Northwest Tasmania, Burnie is a beachfront industrial town, with a handful of nearby tourist options.

Things To Do & See

1) The Penguin Observatory

2) Day Trip: Stanley – “The Nut”

3) Fern Glade

Interested in seeing a platypus? One of your best opportunities may be at Fern Glade, which is located just 10 minutes outside of town. Take the short walk (1.2 km with return) down the river and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. We’ve been told the best viewing times are in the morning and evening hours.

4) Cheese Tasting

5) Makers’ Workshop

Restaurant Recommendations

Fish Frenzy

Located on the boardwalk near the old town, Fish Frenzy is a casual dining establishment that serves up incredible fish and chips. The portions are large. We would recommend to anyone passing through town.

Accommodation Options

Beachfront Voyager Motor Inn

Centrally located in the old town, directly across the street from the beach. We enjoyed the location of this budget friendly accommodation option.

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