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Current Itinerary

Around the World Route, 2013 – 2014

We’re planning things as we go, but here’s the itinerary we’ve mapped out as we try to follow summer around the world. Temperatures should be between 50-80 no matter where we are, so that’s how we’ve packed.

North America (home)

  • Denver, USA,  leave home on June 17

Europe (3-4 months)

Asia (2 months)

South Pacific (3 months)

We met 12 friends from home at the end of November to do a two week RV tour of New Zealand. Our schedule was jammed packed, but we had a lot of fun making new memories with our friends! Although we were sad to see our friends leave, we have enjoyed three additional weeks exploring the North Island of New Zealand.  We will be kicking off the New Year in Australia and are looking forward to spending a couple months exploring the sites, sounds, and tastes of the country.

Africa (2 months)

South America (postponed)

It was a hard decision, but we decided to postpone our travels in South America and head home!

  • Chile
  • Easter Island?
  • Argentina?

North America (1 month)

We decided to conclude our adventure by spending the month of May in California. We are looking forward to visiting friends (old and new) and celebrating the union of two fantastic couples before heading home on May 28, 2014!


Our trip is somewhat open ended, but we should be back in Denver on May 28, 2014! in March or April May or June of 2014!



Previous Trips

  • Spain, France & Croatia, 2 months – 2012
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 1 week – 2011
  • Portugal & Spain, 2 weeks – 2010
  • Vancouver, Canada (for the Winter Olympics) – 2010
  • Peru: Lima & Macchu Pichu – 2009
  • Cancun, Mexico, 1 week – 2009,
  • Asia: Singapore, Bali, Tokyo, 4 weeks – 2009
  • Costa Rica, 1 week 2008
  • Hawaii, 2007
  • Australia, 3 weeks  2007
  • St Kitts, 1 week – 2006

Come Join Us!

We’re already planning to meet up with family and friends in Poland, Germany and New Zealand. Let us know if you can join us at any point along the way. We’d love to see familiar faces!

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