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Writer’s Block & Balancing Life…

Writer’s Block & Balancing Life…

on Nov 4, 2013 in Blog

Where does the time go? What happened to our blog posts? And will we ever catch up?

It has been nearly six weeks since our last blog post entry. Yet in that time we have covered thousands of miles, experienced multiple new cultures, made new friends, switched continents, had a fire at our home, and enjoyed making memories with  some of our friends and family.

We initially created the blog with the intent of capturing our experiences, so that we could look back on it and remember all the fun, scary, crazy, and odd experiences that we had while traveling. It is true that memories do start to fade, especially given the rate that we are adding to our life experiences. The blog would be something we could refer back to years down the road, and fondly remember our adventure. Secondly, we thought it would be a fun way to share our happenings and whereabouts with our friends and family on a regular basis.

Let’s chalk up the gap in posts to “writer’s block”.

If you know me, then you also know that I am left-brained—logical, structured, driven and analytical. Creative activities like writing are not really my strong suit. Likewise, the creative process of writing is not something that excites me, nor is it an activity that I enjoy doing in my “free time”. I have also learned that quiet time, alone, is key to my personal balance.

Thus in the world of competing priorities, I can easily justify de-prioritizing blogging. However, the act of not completing this activity in a timely manner, goes against the core of my being.

The logical side of me knows that if I do not write as things happen, then I run the risk of forgetting details or even neglecting to document the experience altogether. Additionally, I know that not documenting our experiences in a timely manner will result in more work for me down the road as I’ll  have to look everything up again.

The structured side of me wants to ensure that the blogs are organized, easy to follow and make sense.

The driven side of me wants results and does not like wasting time or energy on something that is not going to be fruitful or meaningful.

The analytical side of me evaluates all the competing priorities and is constantly shifting my focus towards what I deem as the most critical. (Which is usually logistics planning.)

This struggle is normal. Everyone struggles to balance their everyday priorities. Although some of the specific activities and items that I am currently juggling are different; the underlying battle to strike a balance is the same. But for now, we will call it “writer’s block”.

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