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What is a Hungarian “Cybergastro”?

What is a Hungarian “Cybergastro”?

on Sep 10, 2013 in Blog, Food & Drink

We arrived in Budapest via bus from Krakow late in the evening  (see post: Not All Buses Are Created Equal). As we navigated to our apartment in the dark, we noticed a brightly-lit restaurant on the corner of our street called Cybergastro. It looked modern and clean and had some signs in English which meant it probably wouldn’t provide a good, authentic Hungarian experience. And what was a cybergastro anyway?

The next day we got a late start. We left our apartment and were quite hungry so we decided a quick meal was a must to start our day. We stopped at our corner “cybergastro”  to check out the menu not knowing to expect. Our assumptions were confirmed. It didn’t provide any Hungarian cuisine, but it did have a broad range of options  including pizza, Thai, burgers, and our all-time favorite, Mexican—all at reasonable prices. The location was convenient, there were a lot of food options, and the price was right; we decided it was worthy of a quick lunch.

We entered the restaurant and a hostess greeted us. She pointed to the last available table near the door, handed us a card and gave us a brief walk-through. It turns out a “cybergastro” allows diners to order their food online at their table. Each seat at the table had a built in screen, like an old-school video game. Each table had a mouse that was situated just under that glass where a joystick might be in a sit-down arcade game.

Cybergastro table ordering

Table ordering at cybergastro.

We received a card from the waitress with a four-digit code that served as the initial log on. We entered our code and then used the mouse to select our preferred language (English, of course). From there, we began to browse the online menu starting with drinks. We could add items to our shopping cart at any point and then place our order when ready. The screen kept a running bill that was visible throughout the process.

Even though it wasn’t Hungarian, we still enjoyed the unique experience.  It was nice to proceed at our own pace and place our order at leisure and without any language barriers. We usually ask for additional time from the waitress as we tend to need time to absorb the contents and make a decision on unfamiliar menus. With online ordering, we were in control and could take as much time as we needed!

For payment, we could pay individually or for the entire table. They accepted credit card and Paypal payments directly on the screen or we could elect to pay the waitress directly via cash or point of sale machine.

It was our first “online dine-in” experience and we thought it was a novel idea. Although it was not traditional Hungarian fair, we found the process enjoyable, not to mention tasty. It was an easy and quick way to fuel us for a day on the streets of Budapest. Now if only all foreign restaurants were this easy!

Cybergastro meal

Unique ordering and tasty meals…


  1. It is beautifully presented. What is it? I recognize the rice!

    • Curry Chicken! I ordered from the Thai portion of the menu.

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