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Resealing Packages

Resealing Packages

on Apr 24, 2014 in Travel Tips

Duct Tape Use #812

One of the items on my packing list for our trip was “chip clips”. I had read somewhere that clips or clothes pins can serve multiple purposes during long term travel, including: hanging things to dry, keeping things together (like window coverings to block out light), or even sealing food products for storage or transit. So, I tossed in three for good measure.

We definitely have found many uses for these clips and at most have only had two in use at one time. However, for some items we have found that the clips just do not do the trick. There’s an easier and more versatile item that works even better. Wouldn’t you know it … our back up plan is duct tape.

Yes, we have found yet another use for uber sticky stuff: resealing packages. Duct tape has once again saved the day and kept our foods fresh.

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