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A Silver Lining to a Work Day

A Silver Lining to a Work Day

on Feb 2, 2014 in Blog, Travel Log, Work & Travel

Sometimes things just do not go as planned …

As Thursday night turned into Friday morning, Kevin found himself continuing to battle a poor internet connection. Once again, he stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to meet a client commitment. Unfortunately, he spent more time battling the intermittent connection than making progress on client work. After much frustration and a couple of hours of sleep, a cranky Kevin was up and back at work trying to finish the project. Nothing seemed to go quite right.

Over time we have started to become accustomed to the work-travel balance. Sometimes we are successful. However, more often than not, Kevin is either sleep-deprived or we have to make adjustments to our schedule. I have learned that my even-keeled husband has a threshold too, and in times like these it is best to leave him alone … which is exactly what I did.

Sometimes Work Trumps Travel

As Kevin worked the remainder of the morning into the afternoon, I worked to identify our contingency options and morph the plan for our upcoming days. We had plans to go sightseeing, but work trumped that. But, instead of a disappointing down-day, I turned it into a fun afternoon with some of our favorite activities: ice cream, wine, short walks and a relaxing dinner!

Plan B

Ice Cream Kate's Berry Farm

Great Ice Cream at Kate’s Berry Farm … the views aren’t bad either.

Our first stop was a Kate’s Berry Farm for some ice cream. The farm was located about five minutes from our accommodation so, after Kevin finished working, we kicked the afternoon off with a scoop of ice cream and enjoyed the mild weather and views from the patio of the cafe.

View from Devil's Corner

View from Devil’s Corner winery in Tasmania.

Next, we made our way north of Swansea to a handful of the east coast wineries for some wine tasting. Although we were not big fans of many of the wines, we enjoyed the scenery and the close proximity to our accommodations. Our favorite winery was Devil’s Corner. Their vineyard has some fantastic views over Cole’s Bay. After a couple tastings, we headed back to Swansea where we embarked on a short walk along the coastline prior to heading to a casual dinner.

Short Tasmanian Hike

Loontitetermairrelehoiner is a long name but a beautiful, short hike in Tasmania.

Following dinner, it was back to work for Kevin. Unfortunately, the Internet saga continued and another sleepless night followed (see 40 minutes of Internet.) Even though work affected our plans, we still made the most of our time in Tasmania and found a way to make an otherwise bitter work day sweet.

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