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Scottish Jumping Beans!

Scottish Jumping Beans!

on Aug 22, 2013 in Blog

As we’ve traveled around, we’ve noticed a lot of rather strange photo taking poses. From seductive leans, rabbit ears, peace signs and raised arms, people do some strange things when they’re in front of the camera. While in Edinburgh we witnessed a new photography trend…jumping.

We observed a couple taking pictures from a view point above the city. The man was taking the photos, while the woman was attempting to jump as high as she could. Her significant other appeared to be trying to capture her picture at the peak of her jump in front of the beautiful scenery. We got a good chuckle, as the woman must have been at least 100 jumps in…and still going by the time we left! (We also may have been laughing as her vertical appeared to be about 4 inches high!)

The next day we took a hike up to Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crag, which are a couple of plateaus that overlook the city of Edinburgh and the Royal Mile. Again we noticed a number of people taking pictures of their friends or family while they were in mid-air. It all seemed kind of silly to us…

As we descended Salisbury Crag, I got a silly inspiration, and decided to give the jumping a try! I even got Kevin to participate. We spent the next 20 minutes snapping fun photos of each other jumping. We tried to capture each other at the pinnacle point of our jump and see just how high we could get. And that is how our Scottish Jumping Beans started.

After surveying our photos and realizing that they were not too bad, the jumping beans in us seemed to emerge. I decided that a “jumping” picture was a must at all our major sights & stops while we were in Scotland. We managed to capture a few good photos and had a lot of fun jumping our way through Scotland!

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