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Salt-Free, No Thanks!

Salt-Free, No Thanks!

on Jan 2, 2014 in Blog, Food & Drink

Maybe it is because we are Americans, but the concept of salt-free is just plain bland! There are so many products that just taste better when salt is involved. How people can eat some things without salt is baffling to me. Take for example: popcorn, potatoes, or steamed / cooked veggies. The thought of eating any of these without a dash (or two) of salt is just not right. Salt seems to compliment their natural flavor and makes some of the most bland tasting things palatable. Heck, when  baking, many recipes call for a pinch of salt! Salt just seems to make things taste a little bit better.

It did not take us long to arrive at the conclusion that salt free peanut butter is definitely a mistake! We just got back from the grocery store, so I sliced an apple, buttered it up with a fresh jar of peanut butter, and took a big bite. Yuck, what was wrong with this peanut butter? It just did not taste right. After a quick inspection of the jar, it became clear that the cause was the lack of salt! I accidentally purchased salt-free peanut butter.

After a few moments of contemplation, we arrived with the brilliant idea to add some salt. Kevin volunteered for the trial run. He added a little salt and reported back that the problem was fixed! We’ve since added salt to our jar and stirred. The peanut butter will definitely not go to waste, now! When in doubt, a dash of salt might just be the right compliment to make things a bit more palatable. Wouldn’t it be great if a pinch a salt was the answer to all of life’s uncertainties?

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