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I Married The Cookie Monster!

I Married The Cookie Monster!

on Jul 12, 2013 in Blog

Cookies don’t stand a chance. Little did I know exactly how many treats we might consume in such a short period of time. At home, we do not tend to buy many sweet treats. Of course, we do our part in supporting our nieces and purchase our yearly installment of Girl Scout Cookies. Come to think of it…those seemed to disappear quickly this year!

To save a few dollars on food, we tend to visit the grocery store instead of eating out for every meal. Without fail you can find Kevin down the cookie isle, scouting out the sweet treats. If it were up to him, he would probably purchase a package of each variety. We seem to consume a package/sleeve of cookies a day…and probably visit the grocery store daily to re-stock.

Kevin’s nightly post-dinner ritual includes tea and cookies. And you will most likely find him sneaking cookies well into the night hours. I know that he could tell you want brand and type of cookies are the best he tasted so far…and am sure before our time is done, that he will have tried to sample every possible variety!

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  1. Guilty as charged, but I believe the proper name for them is “biscuits”! My favorites are really more like small granola bars and subtly sweet.

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