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The Best Flippin’ Burgers in Sweden

The Best Flippin’ Burgers in Sweden

on Jul 8, 2013 in Food & Drink

In Stockholm we found our budget-conscious, hungry selves in the market for a tasty yet budget-friendly meal. Kevin had already vetoed my vote for McDonalds. And so the quest began… where does one begin? Of course the “local” magazine that is provided with compliments in your hotel room. As I flipped through the pages, I found a collage of restaurant listings and immediately filtered the selections by the handy $ sign rating.

With the help of Google maps, we found one in our neighborhood, Flippin’ Burgers! We noted directions, checked their website (all in Swedish), and we were off.

A popular place, but worth the wait.

A popular place, but worth the wait.

As we rounded the corner to the restaurant our mouths began to water from the aroma of grilled burgers that filled the air. And then we saw it…the line out the door and lots of people waiting on the sidewalk! So, we just kept walking. Kevin tried to encourage me to go back, but I insisted that we keep walking and find ourselves somewhere else to fulfill our hunger, like maybe McDonalds? We wandered the streets but found no other restaurants in the area. So, we decided to do another drive by to see if Flippin’ Burgers was any less busy. On this go around, we found a gentleman with a clipboard taking down names and an orderly queue waiting to put their name in. We meandered to the end of the line, and when we reached the front, what do you know, the nice gentleman spoke English. He took our name, gave us the estimated 45 minute wait time, and encouraged us to grab a drink from the bar. (The separate line that had formed out the door!)

As we made our way to the bar, we noticed the listing of beers on the wall, and recognized a good number of beers from our great state of Colorado (which made us feel a little at home). As we reached the bar, we inquired about local Swedish beers. Without any hesitation the gentleman moved to the cooler and pulled out 5 beers and proceeded to give us the rundown of each one. After which, I proceeded to ask what he would recommend for someone who likes wheat beers and hates hoppy beers. After conferring with another gentleman, he came forth with the furthest thing from a Swedish beer…a Palestinian beer, Taybeh Golden!

Flippin; Burgers Beer Menu

Beer menu: even some from Colorado!

As we enjoyed our beers, we learned that our bartender was the owner. He left his management consulting job in a quest to bring the best tasting burgers to Sweden. With a book (of best American burger joints) as his guide, he set out to sample the best burgers in America. His trip took him from Florida and up the coast to Connecticut followed by a stop in Colorado, before traveling up the coast of California. His journey is displayed in all the snapshots hung on the wall.

Colorado provided inspiration for one of the burgers on his menu, the Cricket Burger (thanks to the Cherry Cricket). He also recommended Bud’s Burgers in Sedalia to us. It’s now on our list of places to visit when we got home. We also learned that the gentleman flipping burgers was from the great state of Colorado!


Flippin’ Burgers offers their own take on a burger at the Cherry Cricket in Denver.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our burgers and fries. We were happy that we did not settle and made a second pass by this popular location. If you are ever in the neighborhood, we highly suggest you give Flippin’ Burgers a try!

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  1. will have to try the one in sedalia

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