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Dublin’s Big Burritos

Dublin’s Big Burritos

on Aug 15, 2013 in Blog, Food & Drink

We love Mexican food. Maybe it is the cheese? Sour cream? or Guacamole? Whatever it is, we crave it. And we eat plenty of it at home. If we’re not making it ourselves, we usually opt for a big burrito from Chipotle or Qdoba.

The Big Burrito Concept

The first ever Chipotle was located one block from the University of Denver campus. As students, we became accustomed to walking down the street and having a large, budget-friendly and scrumptious burrito.  We see them as the founder of the big burrito concept—they certainly set the standard as far as we’re concerned. There are, of course, plenty of copy cats in Denver and elsewhere but the big burrito hasn’t widely caught on in Europe. So, over the past couple of months we’ve had a growing craving for a tasty Chipotle burrito.

Big Burritos in Dublin!?

On our first day in Dublin, we spent the afternoon exploring the city. We happened down a narrow pedestrian street on the north side of the Liffey River near the Millennium Bridge.  Located between a noodles joint and an Asian restaurant was a sign-less Mexican restaurant. After peeking through the door, we were delighted to see what looked like a Chipotle burrito bar. In a couple steps, you build your own burrito, burrito bowl or tacos. First you select your entree type (burrito, burrito bowl, or tacos), next you select the type (vegetarian, chicken, carnitas, etc), and finally you select your toppings (salsa, cheese, sour cream, lettuce). The setup seemed to mirror that of Chipotle in every way. We were so overjoyed by the find, that we made plans to return for lunch in the coming days.

boojum burrito

Boojum’s big burrito, a blend of branding from Chipotle and Qdoba

The following day, we returned to this Chipotle-like establishment, called “Boojum”. We made our selections—Kevin had the chicken burrito and I had a chicken burrito bowl. At the end of the assembly line, they slightly mix the ingredients together by rocking the tortilla side to side—similar to Illegal Pete’s, another well respected big burrito joint in Denver. We sat on the patio and savored the first few bites. Overall, it was good, but neither of us were fans of the chicken. It didn’t quite live up to our Chipotle standards, although it was good enough to at least satisfy our month-long craving for a big burrito.

More Big Burritos in Dublin

The following day, while walking the streets of Dublin, we found another little burrito establishment! Who knew Dublin would be such a hot bed for big burritos? Located directly across the street from Trinity college (the oldest university in Ireland, founded in 1592), Mama’s Revenge, offers a handful of pre-defined burritos and quesadillas. We could not resist the urge to dive in for lunch and try our luck at another big burrito. This time, Kevin had the pork classic burrito and I had a chicken basic burrito. Mama’s makes burritos in front of you, wraps them in foil and then places them on the warm burner for a few minutes before handing them over to you. We grabbed a seat at one of the three tables at the front of the restaurant and dove in. The flavors were much better than Boojum! The chicken was much better and overall much more aligned with our notion of what a big burrito should be. We were both happy (and satisfied) with our lunch orders.

So, if you’re in Dublin and craving a big burrito, seek out Mama’s Revenge. We’d definitely recommend this hole in the wall to fulfill your Mexican cravings while in Dublin.

Mama's Revenge big burrito

Mama’s big burrito: less corporate and better tasting!


  1. You finally got your Mexican fix – took a little while Enjoy your time in Dublin – Love looking at your entrys. Love you

  2. Third try a charm – I hope – Glad to hear you finally got your Mexican fix. Are you in a different area of Dublin than the stay over there when you were with Accenture Jillaine. Love reading your notes. Love you. Mom

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