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A Day at Cottesloe Beach

A Day at Cottesloe Beach

on Mar 5, 2014 in Blog, Travel Log

We read a few independent guides about things to do in Perth. Many of them recommended spending a day at one of the great, local beaches. Our new-found “Perthonian” friends had also recommended the beach and told us a few of their favorite spots along Cottesloe Beach. So, we decided to heed the advice and spend a lazy Tuesday afternoon at the beach!

For us, an enjoyable day at the beach is probably different from what others might call an ideal beach day. Having grown up in a land-locked part of the United States, my leisure activities never involved a beach, sand or the ocean. Even our family vacations never included sand or surf. Thus the sudden presence of the ocean does not bring back any memories or desires to frolic among the waves.

So instead of getting wet and sandy, we spent the day observing, tasting and soaking in the atmosphere of the Cottesloe Beach front. All in all, I would consider it a near perfect day at the beach!

Lunch (and Ice Cream)

We kicked the day off with a drink and light lunch at one of the local cafes, Blue Waters. We enjoyed the shade, cool ocean breeze, quick service and tasty food. From there we meandered down the street and decided to indulge in fat free frozen yogurt from (the highly recommended) Red Spoon. We moved across the street to the beach promenade where we could enjoy our sweet treat while taking in the sights and sounds of the beach. Conveniently, the beach has a few grassy knolls. We picked a slightly shady spot, spread out our towel and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Students and Artists

The beach was full of activity. In addition to the standard beach-goers, the local school children were taking to the water and beach for what appeared to be their gym glass. Additionally, the beach was all a flurry with trucks, contractors and artists, as they were actively doing an “art installation” on the beach and surrounding areas for the upcoming event, Sculptures by the Sea.

Drinks (at Cottesloe Hotel Bar)

After doing some people watching and relaxing in the sun, we headed to the Cottesloe Hotel Bar. This open-air establishment boasts some fantastic views of the sea. We grabbed ourselves a beer and a table. We pulled out our computers and enjoyed the view while making a small dent in our backlog of work. It’s always great to mix business and pleasure, especially at the beach!

We wrapped up our time with a leisurely stroll down the beach. We were curious about the progress made on some of the art installations, and enjoyed watching some of the works taking shape. To top off our day, we headed back into the city to meet up with our new friends for dinner and drinks—a perfect end to a lazy but fun day at the beach.

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