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Dancing in Gdansk

Dancing in Gdansk

on Aug 25, 2013 in Blog

Across the street from our hostel in Gdansk, Poland was a very large cement building with no windows. The sign above the door read “Bunkier Klubogaleria”. We rarely saw anyone coming or going from the place during the day. However, once in a while we did see a couple people standing outside smoking. After a couple of days, we decided to Google the place. We found an online promotional video and ┬álearned that it was an old bunker from WWII that has been turned into a nightclub. Based on the video alone, I had no desire to visit the club. Plus nightclubs are not really our cup of tea.

A few days later we met up with Kevin’s brother, Rich and some of his co-workers who were in Gdansk on business. After enjoying a nice dinner, one of his Rich’s colleagues recommended we all go dancing. After inquiring at the hotel about dance club options in the area, the consensus was to check out the Bunkier Klubogaleria! Slightly reluctant we decided to join them.

Apparently the Bunkier Klubgaleria was the only building in the area to survive WWII. It was originally built by the Germans as an air-raid shelter, bunker and anti-aircraft battery. The club is massive. There are two main stairwells that will take you to multiple sitting areas, bars and dance floors. Live DJs spin the music on each of the different levels. There wasn’t a cover charge to enter and the there was a healthy crowd on Saturday night. We found ourselves having fun and dancing into the wee hours of the morning in this old WWII bunker.

Bunkier Night Club

View of Bunkier from our hostel window–just a bit noisy at night.

We never would have ventured inside on our own, but it was a such a unique experience. How often do you get ┬áto dance the night away in such a historical and otherwise somber place? They did a nice job executing on the theme. All in all, it was a very fun Saturday evening on the road…

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  1. Oh my – what a neat experience – a war bunker – I can understand your reluctance to investigate on your own.

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