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Chasing Lizards

Chasing Lizards

on Nov 26, 2013 in Blog

As the night falls across Thailand, many little creatures come out of hiding. From the ground to the ceiling and on nearly every wall in between we have seen friendly little lizards (or maybe they’re geckos) darting around in every direction and minding their own business. Even though I can be high maintenance, the lizards don’t really bother me—that is as long as they are outside.

On a couple of occasions, the lizards have made their way into our hotel room. Now, I am wise enough to know that those little guys want to stay as far away from humans as possible. However, I am not a fan of having them in our room especially as I start to think of all the “what if” scenarios:

  • What if the lizard crawls into my bag…
  • What if the lizard makes his way into the bed…
  • What if the lizard makes a home in my ______ …

You get the idea. So when I spot a lizard in our room, Kevin knows it’s best to catch the little guy and set him free for my peace of mind. If only it were as easy as opening the door and coaxing them out! Trust me we have tried. Those little guys are quick and tend to scramble, dodge and head fake their way into unnoticeable nooks and crannies like behind ironing boards, inside closet shelving units, along curtain rods and under couches.

Despite their craftiness, we have been successful, not once, but twice in catching a lizard in our hotel room. All it took was a little team work, moving furniture and the ice bucket! That’s right, we (more like Kevin) managed successfully to coerce two lizards into an ice bucket and then safely relocate them outside! We managed this feat twice, and it has now become our go to tactic—although it is not foolproof. Our attempts have fallen short several times and we eventually admitted defeat just today. We know of at least one lizard living among us tonight!

Oh yeah…and you may want to think twice the next time you use a hotel ice bucket.

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  1. The ice bucket works, but more often than not the lizards squeeze by the rounded edge when placed against the wall. Something square works better. I caught another one last night using a small square basket. After four long rounds of closet boxing with said lizard, I won by TKO and banished him to the patio.

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