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Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions

on Nov 24, 2013 in Blog, Food & Drink

We have come to appreciate that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes breakfast is included with our accommodation, while other times it is not. When it is not, we try to plan accordingly and make trips to the local market so that we will have something available to get us going in the morning. Unfortunately, we checked into a new hotel yesterday where breakfast was not included. We hoped to find a local market  or restaurant within walking distance but nothing was nearby. Thus our options were limited: a) go hungry, b) cave and buy the $18 (USD) per person buffet, or c) survive on the meager snacks in the bottom of our backpack.

Our options were bleak, until an unexpected shuffle at the hotel changed everything. When checking into our room at the hotel, we noticed our bathroom and bedroom smelled like sewage. Yes, raw sewage! We could have sucked it up for one night, but we were going to be there for 5 nights! We didn’t want to deal with that smell that long. So, after a couple calls to the manager, a fresh air spritzer from housekeeping and a drain filter replacement from “engineering”, we still had a rather unpleasant smell in our bathroom.

So, we requested to switch rooms. Our request was granted and the bellboys showed up with keys to move us to the other side of the resort. At the new room, we did a quick once over and validated that there were no odd smells and then rushed off to meet some new friends for dinner. When we returned in the evening, we were surprised to find a note and a chocolate cake waiting for us that said “Happy Honeymoon!” Too bad we were not Khun Kanokhan Lorattanareaongkit and it was not our honeymoon! Come to think of it, we did find the heart-shaped towel swans and flower petals on our bed a bit odd when we switched rooms earlier. Now it made sense.

So we called the front desk to let them know that the nice card and cake had been delivered to the wrong room. The hotel thanked us for letting them know and said we could keep the cake. They were going to deliver a new one to the real honeymooners. Hopefully they got it! For us, it was sweet. Our breakfast dilemma had been solved—at least for one day. In the morning we enjoyed the breakfast of champions: chocolate cake!

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