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A World Away…

A World Away…

on Sep 13, 2013 in Blog

Currently, our home state of Colorado is experiencing heavy rains which is causing flooding, road closures, school closures, loss of power or water, and mandatory evacuations. Many of our friends and family live in the areas  impacted by the abnormal precipitation. We feel helpless, yet so invested in the well-being of our friends, family, and local community. We are constantly drawn to the local news sources, social media, and electronic communications to receive updates on conditions.

Thanks to social media and an internet connection, we do not feel completely isolated from the events. However, at times the constant access to and influx of information can make you feel even more helpless and out of touch.

We know Colorado as a state of endless blue skies and lots of sunshine. It’s unimaginable to think of days and days of rain resulting in the massive flooding. Photos on facebook and videos from online news sites just don’t seem real.

We continue to think of our friends, family and local community…and pray for the best!


  1. Jillaine and Kevin – My husband Matt and I are going to be taking a similar trip to yours starting in January. We received your blog from Matt Martin, who Matt and I know through work. We love your blog and hope that we can meet up on the road to share stories if our paths cross! If they don’t, maybe we can have a beer sometime in Colorado. Be safe and have fun on the road. Jenn and Matt Eidemiller

    • Hi Jenn (and Matt)! It is very nice to meet you! We are thrilled that Matt passed along our blog. (Although we are very behind in updating it!)

      It is definitely a journey of a lifetime. Do you have an itinerary set? Where will you be starting and how long are you planning to be gone? We would be happy to help out and pass along any tid-bits that we have learned along the way. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or need any suggestions. It would be great to meet up along the way if our paths cross…or just have drinks back home! Take care and look forward to hearing more about your upcoming travels!
      Best Wishes,
      Jillaine (and Kevin)

      • Jillaine and Kevin,

        Thank you for the reply. We start our journey by saying goodbye to family and friends back in Ohio / Florida through a road trip. Then we head to Hawaii; then over to Australia / New Zealand.

        Our trip entails the Asia Pacific area from approximately February – May. Back to the states for a month. We go over to explore Europe from late June through Oktoberfest timeframe. We have another trip planned back in the states for a month and then over to Central / South America. (At least that’s the plan currently.)

        I hope you both are enjoying yourselves! Let’s keep in-touch as our trip begins and yours continues, so we can swap information.

        Take care.

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