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Hello, We’re Kevin and Jillaine

We love to travel and have done a fair bit in our short time on earth. For several years, we even kicked around the idea of quitting our jobs and traveling around the world. But no one does that…especially us! We’re too conservative. What would we do with our house? Can we really quit our jobs? What about all our ‘responsibilities’? It was an impractical dream for two planners that don’t take risks.

The Fortune Cookie

At some point, Jillaine came home with a fortune cookie. The fortune inside simply read “Make big plans.” That little slip of paper made its way to our refrigerator and served as a constant reminder to dream big. They say you should write your goals down and look at them everyday. Perhaps there’s something to that! Over time those three words became our goal—they became our inspiration to make a big plan.

The Big Plan

Well, the big plan didn’t transpire overnight. It actually took a couple years (remember, we’re planners). We eventually came to the realization that jobs are only jobs, houses are only houses and life is too short to have regrets. So, we made some big moves. We rented our house, quit our jobs and set an itinerary to travel the world!

This site serves as our personal journal, trip log and random thoughts about long term travel and the big planning that it takes. Thanks for following along on our journey.

How to Follow Along

Here are a few ways you can follow along:


Use the interactive map on the homepage to see where we’ve been. Click on a destination to learn more and see attractions and activities in the area.


See pics of the day for a visual summary of the major points of interest along the way.


Get more insight into our thoughts, tips on travel and travel experiences with posts from our travel blog.

Kevin & Jillaine

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